Cash prizes for first, second, and third place.

PURSUE PICTURES supports artists by offering payment in each of our open categories. Cash prizes of $2500 to winners, $300 and $200 to runners up, as well as a gallery features in our online portfolio.

Photography by Alexander Vinogradov, “People and Places” Honorable Mention


  • First: $10,000

  • Second: $500

  • Third: $300



Submit now

The deadline to submit work is April 30 for our $10K Annual Award contest. Full guidelines and details available for each contest.




Annual 10K Award

Our 10K prize awards a single photo $10,000. Accepting photography on any subject. We simply want the best. See our category details for more info and a chance at the industry’s top prize.

Photo of The Week

The best images from your phone on our gallery. Send us your favorite snapshot from your week for a chance at cash prize, selection, and placement in our gallery.



It’s that easy. Each theme has guidelines and details, and our submit page will tell you exactly how to send work, enter, and what you can expect from the process.


Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can submit. We accept submissions from around the world. If you have a photo, we want to see it.

What is an entry?

An entry is a single photo, a set of single photos, or a series of photos when accepted via that particular category’s guidelines. Please see each individual category for those specific details.

What is a photo series?

A photo series is 2-6 images that convey a story around a particular theme. When applicable, you may submit a series of photos under a single entry. Please see specific guidelines for those details.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you may submit as may entries as you like in as many categories as you like.

What format do you accept images?

We accept photos of any type – film and digital, landscape, portrait, square, etc. Please make sure that each one is in .jpg or .png file format, and less than 2mb in size – we recommend around 1000px shortest dimension. If you are chosen to display the image in a larger format (marketing material, gallery, etc.) we may contact you for the photo in a larger size at that time.

Do I still own my image after I submit it? Do I need a watermark?

Yes. Pursue Pictures respects your rights and does not claim copyright for works you submit to the award. You will retain full copyright in each entry, with us granted a license to use it for specific purposes (e.g. on our social media feeds and in relation to posting on our website). You do not need to watermark your photo, in fact, please don’t. We can’t publish photos with watermarks and will ask you to remove yours before it is posted if you’re selected as a winner, but rest assured, all your work is protected under copyright laws and remains yours.

When will I be notified about my entry?

All submitters will be notified when a decision has been made on their submission. All winners will be announced online and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Each of our themes have a listed timeline we attempt to meet and we will always communicate delays on our site and social media. For Photo of The Week submissions, a decision will be made on photos before end of day on Sunday, PST.

May I include a description of the photo alongside the Title?

Yes, when you submit your images, there is a text box where you may add a description.

May I submit an old image?

Yes you may. Any age photo is valid so long as it adheres to all copyright laws.

May I submit mobile / cell phone or social (Instagram) images?

The best camera is the one that’s always with you. Photography is clearly evolving and we pivot with the times too. So yes you can submit pictures taken with a mobile/cell phone and Instagram ones too. It’s not all about the filter though, so keep your shots sharp and meaningful!

May I submit a photo montage?

As long as photography is the principle medium, we would love to see it. We also accept mixed-media images. So long as the subject matter adheres to the contest, we’re happy to consider your work.

If I am photographing people, will I need a model release?

Most likely not. However, there are a number of questions to consider when deciding whether a model release is necessary, including the specific circumstances the image was captured, and what country it was taken in. To learn more about model release requirements, please visit this helpful ASMP Tutorial page.

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