What is Submittable?

Submittable is the software we use to accept your photo submission. Submittable is a free software and you will need to sign up for a Submittable account before you enter our contest or award. You may sign up for a free account at www.submittable.com

Will my image be sold?

No. You retain copyright to your photograph and your photos will not be sold or used for commercial purposes. All entries may be posted online so that viewers may view and vote on all competing entries. Winning entries may be used in exhibitions, marketing, advertising and promotions directly related to Pursue Pictures.

My photo won an award in another competition, may I still submit it?

Yes. There is no restriction to submitting work that has been part of other photo competitions, unless expressly restricted by the prior competition.

My image has been selected for a final round, what should I do?

Nice work! We’ll be emailing you with full instructions when your photo is selected and will talk you through the whole process. Generally speaking, there is very little you need to do when your work is selected, but we may need additional information (like an extended bio) from you at that time. It’s possible we may also need a high resolution of your photograph. Overall, you don’t have to do much except bask in your glory!

If I win, will I incur any costs if the photo is placed anywhere?

No, Pursue Pictures covers exhibition or advertising costs including gallery hire, image printing and framing, and promotion if this is part of the award. We cannot cover your travel expenses for visiting the exhibitions if they are displayed in a physical location. You will be responsible for any federal, state, or local taxes of your prize money.

What type of correspondence should I expect from Pursue Pictures during the contest?

We aim to be very transparent, clear, and communicative with our entrants. Therefore, you can expect to hear from us via email several times during the contest, namely, upon entry, when your submission is being reviewed, and the final decisions on the contest or award.

Can I enter the same picture or pictures into multiple categories?

Yes. If the series fits thematically in more than one category, you may submit it for consideration in additional categories. Please keep in mind you will have to upload these separately and enter into each category separately as well.

If there is a fee, can I pay via cash or check?

No. Unfortunately, we can only accept payments via credit card or Paypal at this time, and this is done via Submittable when you submit your photo.

Is there an entry fee to submit?

We have both free and paid submission categories, so please choose which type of contest or award you would like to enter.

Can I see or change the photos I’ve submitted?

You can see all of your past in your Submittable account and they will remain there until deleted by you. You may contact Pursue Pictures to change a photo ONLY if the upload was in error. You may not swap your entry with another photo.

How many images can I submit?

Please pay close attention to the category and photo limitation per entry. Some submission categories allow for only a single image, and some for a series of photographs. You may submit the maximum number of photos as the category allows. Again, you may enter multiple entries and submit the maximum number of photos per entry.

How many times can I enter?

You may enter as many times as you like.

My image won’t upload…

Please check that each one is .jpg or .png format, and less than 2mb in size. Please also ensure that you are attaching one photo per upload box. If the problem persists send an email to contact@pursuepictures.com

How do I submit?

After you’ve created (or already have) your Submittable account, please select the Category you’d like to enter on our Submit page. You will be directed to the fields for that particular entry, entering your photo title and uploading your photo. If multiple photos are allowed, you will be able to upload them here. If payment is required, you will be prompted for payment there.

Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can submit. We accept submissions from around the world. If you have a photo, we want to see it.

I have a question not covered by the FAQ.

Get in touch with a member of our team via email at contact@pursuepictures.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!

Is image post-processing allowed?

Unless expressly detailed in the contest and award description page, Yes of course – it’s your art and the effects you choose to apply in-camera and afterwards are your decision. Please don’t add any watermarks to your images though.

If I am photographing people, will I need a model release?

Most likely not. However, there are a number of questions to consider when deciding whether a model release is necessary, including the specific circumstances the image was captured, and what country it was taken in. To learn more about model release requirements, please visit this helpful ASMP Tutorial page.

May I submit a photo montage?

As long as photography is the principle medium, we would love to see it. We also accept mixed-media images. So long as the subject matter adheres to the contest, we’re happy to consider your work.

May I submit mobile / cell phone or social (Instagram) images?

The best camera is the one that’s always with you. Photography is clearly evolving and we pivot with the times too. So yes you can submit pictures taken with a mobile/cell phone and Instagram ones too. It’s not all about the filter though, so keep your shots sharp and meaningful!

May I submit an old image?

Yes you may. Any age photo is valid so long as it adheres to all copyright laws.

May I include a description of the photo alongside the Title?

Yes, when you submit your images, there is a text box where you may add a description.

When will I be notified about my entry?

All submitters will be notified when a decision has been made on their submission. All winners will be announced online and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Each of our themes have a listed timeline we attempt to meet and we will always communicate delays on our site and social media. For Photo of The Week submissions, a decision will be made on photos before end of day on Sunday, PST.

Do I still own my image after I submit it? Do I need a watermark?

Yes. Pursue Pictures respects your rights and does not claim copyright for works you submit to the award. You will retain full copyright in each entry, with us granted a license to use it for specific purposes (e.g. on our social media feeds and in relation to posting on our website). You do not need to watermark your photo, in fact, please don’t. We can’t publish photos with watermarks and will ask you to remove yours before it is posted if you’re selected as a winner, but rest assured, all your work is protected under copyright laws and remains yours.

What format do you accept images?

We accept photos of any type – film and digital, landscape, portrait, square, etc. Please make sure that each one is in .jpg or .png file format, and less than 2mb in size – we recommend around 1000px shortest dimension. If you are chosen to display the image in a larger format (marketing material, gallery, etc.) we may contact you for the photo in a larger size at that time.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you may submit as may entries as you like in as many categories as you like.

What is a photo series?

A photo series is 2-6 images that convey a story around a particular theme. When applicable, you may submit a series of photos under a single entry. Please see specific guidelines for those details.

What is an entry?

An entry is a single photo, a set of single photos, or a series of photos when accepted via that particular category’s guidelines. Please see each individual category for those specific details.