Josh Snow

josh snow
Josh is a full time Fine Art Landscape Photographer and instructor based since 2016 in Moab, Utah. He spends his time traveling, capturing nature as he see’s it and educating his students on the finer points of photography and connecting with nature. Josh believes that with an intense connection to nature, you’ll make more meaningful images! It is with this idea that Josh has shaped his business around his art and passion for capturing and creating impactful images so that others can enjoy and feel that passion. Without a formal background Josh’s self taught skills has allowed him to mould an artistic style all his own. Josh’s work has been published in magazines like Outdoor Photographer, Landscape Photography, Light & Shadow, and has been interviewed by Landscape Photography Magazine, FStoppers, Photography Talk, F Stop Collaborate and Listen, and others. Josh also works closely with companies that have long stood by his work and passion including Nisi Filters, F Stop Gear, Really Right Stuff, and others. Future plans include continuing to hone his craft, travel more internationally, and keep educating others who are eager to make photography their passion.


Josh Snow // @j.snow_photo