Lens and Camera Setting


You gotta know. It may be tempting to use a telephoto lens in order to capture detail from afar, but the result is not only distance from the subject, but from the energy, essence, and spirit of the photo. And the DSLRs are always good choices, but can be big and clunky and not suitable for the snap and go style of street photography. Most successful street photographers use wide-angle lenses and smaller, compact cameras to shoot. This allows you intimacy with the subject and lets you blend into the environment. Vivian Maier was notorious for using a camera at hip-height as not to draw attention to herself while shooting.


Street Photography expert, Paul Bence suggestions avoiding zoom since it forces you to a fixed focal length and improves your eye for composition.   https://www.photocrowd.com/blog/19-14-street-photography-tips/


Get Close


Every street photographer discusses this and it’s elemental to a good street photograph. Get close. Ignore the awkwardness, shake off the discomfort, and get into your subject matter. Street Photography is about energy and emotion and it requires you to get in close to capture it.