“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

Wildlife. One of photography’s favorite subjects. From the pets we share a home with, to the animals in zoos and those that still run wild, animals have been occupying a place in our picture frames — and our hearts — since images could be captured on film. They can be notoriously difficult to photograph, but when we get a good picture, especially one that showcases their depth, beauty, and humor, the result is memorable and powerful. Here we’ve curated a series of photos that feature perhaps our most beloved subject: animals.

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Portraiture is as old as photography itself. This classic genre captures people in non-candid moments and usually focuses on the face. Each of us has taken thousands of portraits, self-portraits, and photographs of people over the years, but what makes a good portrait? Steve McCurry believes that a good portrait is about connectivity. When you connect with the person in the photograph, it reveals something about the viewer and the subject, an element of the human condition whether it be an emotion, age, or location. In this gallery we’ve curated a series of photographs with a core of connectivity behind them. Each is technically strong, and all of them are special. Get inspired… take a look!

“We usually see parts of ourselves in others, so a good portrait should say something about the human condition.” — Steve McCurry.

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The Lost and The Forgotten

It’s easy to get caught up in photographing subjects that are classically beautiful. Colorful sunsets, a brand-new baby, the dew on a fresh spring flower — everyone loves pictures that capture or enhance attractive qualities, but there’s something to be said for photographs that might be described as ugly, desolate, or even scary. Pictures of trash heaps, a burned up forest — subjects that aren’t classically beautiful can be just as moving and poignant as a crystal clear ocean, and often, elicit more emotion. As famed photographer William Eggleston said, “I am at war with the obvious.” In this gallery we curated a series of photographs of subjects that are often lost or forgotten, that capture the allure of the ugly or unbalanced and remind us that any subject matter can be striking.

Pattern and Symmetry

Using repetition or showcasing it in a photograph is an effective tool to capture something special about a moment or object, especially a subject that may be easily overlooked. Buildings, flower petals, an old brick wall — our minds love to focus in repeating shapes, colors, and patterns. Consider taking a look at our Darkroom post about Pattern and Symmetry and the ways in which, juxtaposition, contrast, and emphasizing patterns is an effective way to capture symmetry. We’ve curated this gallery of “pattern as art” favorites to spark your imagination.

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Street Photography

Street Photography is such a classic genre, and from city streets to rural side-roads, there’s something special about a candid moment. We’ve curated a few special Street Photography pictures to get you inspired to step outside and start shooting. Maybe you’ll find something special enough to share. We’re currently welcoming Street Photography shots with people as the subject in our “People” category and of course your most special pictures are welcome in our open submission calls. If you’re looking for tips or a bit more information on Street Photography, check out our darkroom post on How to Capture Your Best Street Photography.  We look forward to seeing your world in motion!